Contract Manufacturing Case Studies

Case Study #1 – Lockheed Martin

Astro successfully manufactured F35 Pilot Flight Training Simulators for Lockheed Martin.  We performed highly engineered metal fabrication, machined parts, NADCAP painting and final assembly within stringent military and aerospace tolerances.  These high quality assemblies were delivered on time and have been used around the world to U.S. military and Allied bases where pilots undergo thorough training.

Astro’s performance, cost controls, and excellent service proudly earned the 2015 Supplier of the Year Award for the SMB category.  Here is what Lockheed had to say:

Astro Manufacturing & Design – To Whom it May Concern,

I wanted to provide some prospective for you to share on this award.

The TLS organization, which you won the award for did $3 billion in sales last year, and our cost usually run between 50 – 60% as material.  So this award is out of a supply base of greater than $1.5B!

There were some minimum requirements for quality and delivery to even be nominated, with a focus on affordability.  In the attached slide I called out all the great things Astro has been doing to add value to the program and in turn keep the simulators sold.

We appreciate your support and the effort you have put in to making this a successful relationship.  It has been great working together to get to this point and I am confident we will continue to remain successful.



Lockheed Martin Corporation

Case Study #2 – DEPMED

Partnering with major medical equipment manufacturer, Philips Healthcare, Astro Manufacturing & Design builds deployable medical systems for use by US military hospitals all around the world.  Astro integrates customer-supplied imaging equipment into military-supplied mobile shelters, providing necessary modifications to the shelter and producing numerous parts and components needed to adapt and shock-mount equipment and supplement the systems.  These systems are staged on our factory floor, where all necessary work is completed prior to acceptance testing by Phillips and military personnel.  Once accepted, these systems can be shipped to any “trouble spot” in the world, providing the very best medical care and treatment to U.S. military personnel and allies.

Case Study #3 – Lifeclinic

Astro was approached by Lifeclinic, a national company, interested in the design & development of a new line of pharmacy blood pressure monitoring devices.  Working closely with this customer Astro developed a “health kiosk” system that provides blood pressure monitoring, weight, body mass, pulse and blood oxygen measures, all conveniently printed out for the user.  All of this capability is packaged in a sturdy, information-secure, user-friendly device that can be color coordinated to specific customer applications in order to match the color schemes of major pharmacies.  Potential markets for this device include company wellness programs and commercial fitness centers.