Machine Safety Evaluation and Upgrades

Astro’s Functional Safety approach for automation systems and machines starts with our TUV certified Machine Functional Safety Engineer leading a team based risk assessment.  We involve the end user of the equipment to ensure all aspects are considered.  The risk assessment is conducted in accordance with US or internationally recognized standards such as ANSI R15.06-2012, ISO 13849-1, IEC 62061, etc.  The risk assessment becomes a “living”, documented process that stays active for the life of the equipment and proves your organization’s “due diligence” in its commitment to ensuring your employee’s safety while operating the equipment.


We take an iterative approach to potential hazards in our risk reduction process.  Beginning with inherently safe design measures and hard guarding, we further mitigate any hazards by applying safety control circuitry.  Astro can design from simple to complex, multi-zone applications using a variety of manufacturers’ safety components.  Our processes ensure your equipment is safer and more efficient by optimizing the safety functions to reduce down time and improve diagnostics.

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